A.L.A Audio Cable Technology

A.L.A Audio source the highest in quality materials available to custom build every part of our cables, leaving nothing to chance, every material is sourced in raw form and used to make parts in house, thus ensuring the highest standard; cost being no object with absolutely no compromise in quality. These are just some of the efforts taken in order to get closer to the ultimate in transparency 

For example our pure-silver and copper are custom manufactured and Assay certified 99.99+% long linear-crystal structure refined and manufactured in Australian from a leading precious metals supplier.

Pure 99.99% silver and c10100 copper Australia audio cables a.l.a audio

Speciality manufactured to our requirements  slow drawn through diamond dies in an oxygen depleted chamber using state of the art equipment, the resulting flawless circular surface enables audio signal transmission with high linearity in frequency rise; with no emphasis or lacking their of any one frequency and absolutely no thin, shouty or fatigueing artifacts, most often associated with poorly manufactured or lower grades of silver, sterling or silver plated copper. 

- I recently contacted several well known cable manufactures on the market who claim to use 6, 7 or even 8 nines in purity, stating claims of OCC and other marketing hype, when asked for proof 9/10 of these manufacturers could not produce a valid Assay certification, or certification of any kind so it turned out ..  some even failed to comprehend the importance of careful handling, as not to damage the metals grain structure especially important with OCC and single crystal as the highly delicate long single crystals can easily be broken, not noticeable unless under a microscope.. as well as the importance of directionality, "running signal hot and return with the grain, towards tag end. 

We have seen several well known companies selling silver cables claiming 999% and even 99.999% 5N when we had them tested they were made with sterling silver 92.5% pure.

"If their price seams to good to be true?, ask for a copy of their metal assay certificate, a recent copy showing current manufacturing batch & date"  

A.L.A Audio Technology also use customised metallurgy to create alloys with select chosen impurities that help tune the overall sound character.


Feel free to reach out with any questions you may have. 


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