A.L.A Audio Cables Hand Built In Australia

A.L.A Audio Cables Hand Built In Australia

All A.L.A audio cables are built in Melbourne Australia 100 % by hand from ground up and incorporate the finest materials in the world. 

So what does this mean? 

Why not use machine equipment? 

With over 20 years combined r&d experience in hifi cable design and manufacture, every aspect during an individual cable build; no matter how small is able to be fine tuned by the cablesmith  resulting a cable that exhibits a truely organic lifelike sound that a machine made cable cannot match.

Compleatly free from fatiguing artifacts, A.L.A cables achieve a breathtaking level of clarity, compleatly linear throughout the frequency spectrum; offering transient speed and articulation with precision image placement.. but... most importantly; each cable is made with a genuine passion for perfection, made by Audiophiles who love music and are pushing the bounderys in search for the ultimate balance of clarity and musicality! 

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