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Is it really possible for a silver power cable make a difference?
1.8 meter of silver wire in your power chain should not make any significant difference; in theory, hundreds of miles of copper is joining power to our houses. Contrary to this logic, numerous machine made copper cables are offering claims of great results. However, in my experience, most of these mass produced cables do not bring any significant improvement.
And like many who started the journey with an Isotek sequel that left you dissaponted, perhaps even questioning legitemency of power cable improvements. Agree or disagree, most copper based production mains cables are mediocre at best..
It was by chance several years ago when researching silver speaker cable designs that I decided to construct a mains cable using solid core pure-silver, borrowing ideas from guru's such as Allen Wright, "even today his cookbook remains a great source of accurate information"; dismissing traditional power cable fundamentals and adopting signal transmission theory's... Alas the first prototype silver mains cable is constructed. After cooking it for a few days it was time to test! 
Well.. the result was a shock to be honest! the change was not subtle.. the room come alive, life like sound with increadable clarity and transparency, soundstage became wider, higher and deeper,  speakers completely disappeared and the walls and roof no longer existed. The most striking change was in tonal accuracy and dynamics, instruments and vocals became more expressive with longer decay's. The results challenged my pre-conceptions about mains cables. 
One may expect the following when changing to a solid core mains cables, 'particular attention should be taken to place cable in several positions/equipment in the power cable chain:
Sound stage – becomes holographic and the speakers disappear
Frequency response – more extension in the treble and more bass, more magic in the mids
Dynamics – everything sounds more immediate
Resolution – low level musical information you never heard before
Clarity Clarity Clarity!
I have since also had great success using solid core copper. I design and build cables tailored for individual systems and equipment, as well as optimise their position in the power cable chain, as this alone can result in astonishing improvments 
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