Moondrop Aria Channel Imbalance

Modern IEMs have high performance filters that are made from an advanced material that is designed to allow maximum frequency response in form of resonating waveform through air while providing maximum protection from contaminates that may enter the IEM chassis and degrading performance or permanently damage the delicate high precision drivers. 

When moisture enters these filters the filter acts like a spung essentialy socking up the oils, & contaminants that they are designed to repel, resulting in the filters becoming blocked; and if not addressed quickly, leading to possible channel imbalance 'one side becoming quieter than the other'. 

If you are experiencing this phenomenon it is recommended to thoughly clean the iem and replace both filters, this should correct the problem. And by keeping the IEM dry and clean e.g after a heavy gym session, ensuring you have not drenched them in sweat 🥵 They will offer you many years of high resolution musical pleasure 😉👍'

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Thanks so much for your advise after you mentioned moisture could be the cause and I have been using these at the gym, I put in a jar with a bag of silica gel and next day the problem was fixed!

I recommend to anyone that has this issue to try this method!


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