How to play fully unfolded MQA files on i2s enabled DACS

How to play fully unfolded MQA files on i2s enabled DACS

Please see instructions below on how to play MQA files on a non MQA enabled Denafrips Venus II (possibly other LVDS enabled  DACs with testing currently being done)  

The SMSL DP5 streamer/DAC with balanced LVDS I2S output sends a fully unfolded MQA signal that can then interface to an external DAC with balanced LVDS I2s input; and in the below example a Denafrips Venus II; the standard HDMI cable pinout works fine with L/R channels in phase. 

See image below, the DAC is being fed a 24bit 44K track, the Venus II indicates that the full unfold has been received showing 4x sample rate on its display with audiable improvment.


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Hi BMK so far all DACs tested have worked including a Chord Dave.
If anyone else has had success or been unsuccessful with this method, please share to comments!


Interesting. Does this mean any DAC that doesn’t support MQA natively via USB (like Chord DACs) or via I2S (like Gustard x26 pro) can actually play fully decoded and unfolded MQA if the DP5 I2S out is fed to the DAC I2S input?


Very impresses by the option to do MQA to R2R dac via l2S (
Did you do testing with other R2R dac, except the Sonnet and the two Denafrips, for example did you tested AUDIO-GD R2R 2 DAC DSP FPGA USB AMANERO LVDS HDMI I2S INPUT 24bit 384KhzTCXO or other?
Will appreciate feedback. Thanks in advance,

Nikolay Gramchev

Hi, so far we have successfully tested this method with the following DACS:

Denafrips Terminator II
Denafrips Pontus II
Matrix X-Saber
Topping d70 non MQA model
Sonnet Morpheus without MQA Module


Hi M we are currently testing with other DACs including pontus and will provide update soon.


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