Speaker Cables

Speaker Cables

I Decided to make myself some new speaker cables to use in my main test system:



"I have some wonderful new speakers on the way to demo made in Australia by Nick at Hulgichaudio  http://www.hulgichaudio.com.au/index.html, and I want to provide them with worthy cables!"

Image above is work in progress and I must say im happy with results so far.

Made from my latest batch of solid core pure 4N silver made by Howie at Sure-Pure Chemetals USA, test results have come back showing 99.994% purity 🙂

Myself and trusted companion  spent a good part of the afternoon listening for directionality.

And.. assembely begins, My first attempt at a shielded speaker cable.

I decided to use a similar design concept used by Audioquest, implementing a 72 volt dialectic system, I felt it's the only way I will be able to benifitially add a shield without capacitance / inductance increases resulting in nasties... 

So far so good.  I'll keep you updated on build and post finished product👍 

*  Soon to come is a YouTube video I created running directionality tests.

And observations when testing identical geometries of OCC vs OFC vs Silver wire (high res recording). 




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