Our Cables

All A.L.A cable's are manufactured in Australia from the highest quality components and undergo rigorous testing to ensure cable meets and exceeds Australian standards: CE; TUV certification.

Each cable undergoes performance testing, a report is generated and comes standard with our high-quality cables, we aim for exceptionally low resistance and capacitance ensuring your cable is cable of providing absolute maximum performance.

We offer cables in various strand diameters to balance levels of skin effect, and in various materials. Generally, material type will not significantly alter cable performance, but will more noticeably affect the cables sound signature, this is due to changes in the frequency ranges that voltage moves along each strand sensitivity to temperature changing characteristics, skin effect and its susceptibility to EMI. 

Using the Kelvin Bridge Circuit | Kelvin Double Bridge method we measure and provide you with a report like the example below giving you the resistance readings of your cable within <0.2% accuracy.


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Nominal conductor size in mm2

Length (m)

Material Al/Cu


Temperature oC

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