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ADL FORMULA 2 Audiophile USB 2.0 Cable by Furutech

ADL FORMULA 2 Audiophile USB 2.0 Cable by Furutech

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Featuring 24k gold-plated USB 2.0 connectors and silver-plated Alpha OFC conductors, the Formula 2 is a beautifully engineered and built USB 2.0 cable for enthusiasts with growing music collections on their computer hard drives looking for high performance sound.

More and more people have amassed large collections of music on their computer hard disks, and there are an increasing number of USB-input DACs to serve them. If properly setup and implemented computer-based systems are capable of smooth and detailed sound, especially with high resolution recordings. But as with any system component you need quality, well-engineered and built USB cables to get there.

Furutech has created a high performance entry level 2.0 USB cable for this purpose. They begin with silver-plated α (Alpha) OFC conductors and a special-grade high-density polyethylene insulation/dielectric. As illustrated below the Formula 2 features three-layer shielding and specially engineered 24k gold-plated USB 2.0 connectors. As with the more highly specified GT2 and GT3, the cable wrap includes damping and insulating materials keeping mechanical ringing from affecting the sound. A carefully engineered clamp improves grip and keeps both mechanical and electrical distortion at bay.

The result is much as you will hear from our GT2 USB cable: Clear and open highs, elegant midrange textures, powerful but in-control bass, an enhanced sense of the sheer palpability of the music you’ll enjoy.

•Main conductor: Silver-plated α (Alpha) OFC Conductors
•Main Insulation: Special-grade high-density polyethylene
•Connectors: Furutech-engineered 24k gold-plated USB series Connectors
•The best damping and insulation materials for improved frequency extension and tonal balance

Cable Types:
•Formula 2 USB-B (Type A-B) / USB-mini B (Type A-mini B)

Cable Lengths:
•0.6m / 1.2m / 1.8M / 3.6m / 5.0m

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