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ddHiFi BC130A Air Nyx Earphone Cable

ddHiFi BC130A Air Nyx Earphone Cable

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Why is there Nyx in the Air series earphone cable?
It was previously introduced that ddHiFi's Air series of earphone cable includes Sky, Forest, Clouds, Ocean and Sunset. However, there was no mention of Nyx prior. Nevertheless, Nyx set a new benchmark for the highly successful Air series of earphone cables, and it is undisputed that Nyx outperforms the entire range of the Air series, even the Sky Pro.

What are the benefits of the L-shaped 4.4mm balanced plug?
Most of the 4.4mm headphone cables are terminated with straight plugs, but not everyone prefers them that way.

The production process of the straight plug is relatively simple, and the assembly can be completed by securing the plug through the screw port shell.

However, if it's designed as an L-shaped plug, the cable has to be finished by hand since machines can't be used to braid the wires. Furthermore, the assembly is also more complicated due to the increase in the number of parts in the plug.

In addition, protection can only be done to the plug after the soldering to ensure the uniform force of the four-strand wires before inserting the four wires into the metal shell through four separate processes.

Finally, the braiding of the wires can be begin after the 4.4mm plug is finalised and set.

Does the shielding layer improve signal transmission?
The answer is definitely yes. Interference from the surrounding environment easily affects the performance of the earphone cable.

There are many ways to reduce interference; these include increasing the material's purity, wrapping with a braided layer, weaving in a unique structure, etc. In addition, when using the shielding layer, it can be well connected with the shielding on the output device to maximise the anti-interference effect.

The shielding layer of the Nyx earphone cable is wholly connected to the 4.4mm plug and 0.78 contact pin shell. Therefore, when inserting into the 4.4mm port of the output device, the shielding layer and the device's shell can be fully grounded, significantly reducing signal interference.

Why is it only available in a 2-pin 0.78 connector?
It is because Nyx features ddHiFi's patent-pending shielded 2-pin connector. The contact pin is designed with a two-layered shell, with the inner layer to solder the shielding layer of the earphone cable, while the connector pin sports the use of 24K gold-plated copper-silver alloy material.

Are you worried about dark or cold sound style?
The 4.4mm balanced output signal emphasises high quality itself, and when used with a high-resolution silver earphone cable, this can easily weaken the presence of low frequency.

At the same time, the use of the shielding layer can effectively reduce this sense of weakness. It's no longer dark or cold, and one may probably feel the softness and flexibility instead.

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