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ddHiFi TC100-COA USB-C to Digital Coaxial Cable Converter

ddHiFi TC100-COA USB-C to Digital Coaxial Cable Converter

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Bring New Life to Old Equipment

The early generations of DAC Amplifier devices have only the digital coaxial and optical input interfaces but do not feature a USB input. As a result, they could not directly interface with audio source devices which interface via the USB, particularly Android devices with the USB-C interface or the iPhones with the Lightning interface. The TC100-COA provides these old devices with a new lease of life and allows them to interface with the latest digital devices via a USB connection.

24 bit / 192 kHz Support

Recommended to use with iPhone or Android smartphones, coupled with Music APPs such as Apple Music, which provides lossless music with a sampling rate of up to 24 bit / 192 kHz,is suitable for use with the TC100-COA coaxial cable.

High-standard Coaxial Wire

To ensure reliable and accurate transmission on the coaxial cable, the center conductor of the TC100-COA adopts a high-standard integrated design, with two lengths option of 35 cm / 65 cm.It also features a 99.9999 % high purity OCC copper conductor rated at 75 Ω impedance; its thicker wire diameter ensures impedance consistency which is also crucial for the transmission of coaxial signals.

Replaceable USB Cable

Due to adopting a USB-C female connector as its input, allows for the use of an array of interfaces when the TC100-COA is connected to digital devices, not limited to USB-C, USB-A, and Lightning One can select a suitable data cable to connect the digital device directly according to your need for different cable lengths.The USB cable* bundled with the smartphone can also be used, alternatively, it is recommended to use ddHiFi TCO9S and MFIO9S cable to get a better sound quality experience.
(*1. Some USB-C high-speed data cables may not be compatible with TC100-COA; please use a more conventional USB2.0 data cable. 2. When working with an iPhone, it is required to use the data cable with OTG functions, such as MFiO6S and MFiO9S, or the OTG adapter like ddHiFi TC28i and TC28i Pro. The conventional data cable without the OTG function cannot work for it.)

Digital Audio Transformer

For some inferior USB conversion devices, the ground of the USB is directly connected to one of the coaxial outputs or uses only one capacitor to create the isolation, as a result, this audio transmission would be unreliable. The TC100-COA adopts a DA101C digital audio transformer from Murata company, which balances the USB input and coaxial output circuits, to ensure high-quality digital audio transmission.

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