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Elfidelity AXF-94 ULTRA SATA Power Noise Filter Purifier PC-HiFi Hard disk

Elfidelity AXF-94 ULTRA SATA Power Noise Filter Purifier PC-HiFi Hard disk

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 Elfidelity AXF-94 ULTRA SATA Power Noise Filter Purifier PC-HiFi Hard dis

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Tests have confirmed that it can play a very obvious role in isolating interference from SATA devices. Especially the HDD based on the SATA interface can effectively protect the power safety of the hard disk and shield the ripple glitch interference caused by the hard disk motor and seek.  

       SATA Hard disk Power Noise Filter It is an online power purification isolation filter。It has two functions: First, as a filter, it can effectively deal with the impure power provided by the PC switching power supply, buffer and eliminate the current ripple therein, and isolate the ripples of the product when the high-power equipment (such as graphics card, CPU, etc.) is running Wave interference. In the case of hard disk large-scale seek and data reading, the power consumption caused by the instantaneous high power consumption is insufficient, and the voltage drops. The built-in capacitor pool of the filter can dynamically compensate the working current of the hard disk and protect the hard disk. 

       Secondly, its two-way filtering ground isolation design, while blocking the serious EMI interference generated by the hard disk itself, can not affect other devices in the PC through the power supply line and the ground line. Field, such a design can provide a good auxiliary optimization effect.
       The stable and pure power supply can effectively ensure the high efficiency and stable operation of the hard disk. At the same time, the quality of the power supply also affects the working temperature of the hard disk.
      The SATA Power Noise Filter  use Japan's ruby capacitors, WIMA Capacitor , TDK's power inductor and AVX tantalum capacitors    forming a luxurious filter array, effectively protecting the hard disk, purification The power supply ensures the PC audio environment.
      The white LED  and the blue  LED, are used to evaluate the power consumption environment including the user power supply.
      If the LED flickers during large-scale data output or seek on the hard disk, it means that the small hard candy's capacitor pool has been drained. The power supply is obviously insufficient, the power supply should be replaced, or reduce the power consumption equipment.
       If the LED does not light, it means there is a momentary spike burr, which is greater than the limit that the hard disk can bear. The LED is burned out and protected. It is also recommended to replace the power supply.
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