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Fanmusic C003 with 25CM RCA audio cable

Fanmusic C003 with 25CM RCA audio cable

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Fanmusic C003 with 25CM RCA audio cable

Great for connecting your DAC & Headphone amplifier Stack! 

Product features:
1. The line base adopts pure copper audio cable imported from Japan, the sound is warm and strong, and the density and extension are wide;
2. 2 core single channel audio cable braided shielded wire diameter 5mm;
3 .Tinned copper twisted twist shield + high density aluminum foil paper shield. Effectively shield electromagnetic noise
4. Each wire is composed of 12, especially fine 0.18mm copper wire high conductivity toughened copper, which has good durability;
5. The sheath is made of particularly flexible and durable polyvinyl chloride (brittleness temperature -49°C);
6. Polyethylene with radiation-treated insulation;
7. Insulation voltage 500V AC/min without damage;
8. The lotus head uses ROXTONE black gold-plated RF2C-BG male plug, black-plated shell, and gold-plated connectors to ensure the minimum distortion of sound transmission;
9. Ceramic isolation design to minimize the conduction loss;
10. The welding groove design of the hot end makes the spot welding operation simpler and easier to transmit;
11. The tooth mouth design at the end makes the shielding wire and plug connection more stable and difficult to pull out;
12. Sleek and ergonomic design-valuable and easy to operate
13. Rugged zinc die-cast housing, long life and high reliability
14. The inside of the shell is threaded to effectively prevent any damage and ensure that the transmission impedance is reduced while also ensuring the consistency of the sound; The red and black tail sets distinguish between left (negative) and right (positive) connection lines;
15. Imported solder, dot matrix soldering technology, so that the wire welding is strong without any false soldering, and also ensures that the impedance is minimized. The heat shrinkable tube protective cover and the black shock absorber screen all shield the interference of external signals to maximize the optimization of information Purity transmission;

Technical parameters:

Model: C003
Material: ROXTONE black gold-plated lotus RF2C-BG male plug
          CANARE two-core audio cable L-2E5AT
Number of conductors: 2 
Standard wire diameter: 5mm+0.5
Conductor cross-sectional area: 0.31mm/23AWG
Number of conductor copper wires: 12
Conductor copper wire diameter: 0.18mm
Torque: 30mm
Core DC resistance: 6.2Ω/100m
Insulation voltage: 500V AC/min
Conductor insulation: XLPE polyethylene
Shield: tinned copper twisted twist shield + high-density aluminum foil paper shield
Jacket material: soft PVC / neoprene composite material
Cord length: 25cm
Plug: use ROXTONE's RCA male plug, black-plated shell, gold-plated connector. The product conforms to the ergonomic design of zinc alloy shell, 24K gold-plated connectors and good surface treatment of pins, effective resistance to oxidation, high-fidelity transmission, and unique appearance design style.
Ergonomically designed zinc alloy housing
Ground before the signal touches, disconnect the signal before grounding
No noise interference, will not damage the speaker tray
Extra PVC cable sheath provides excellent cable bending protection
Contact: Brass
Contact plating: gold

Link Method:
1. Take out the balance cable from the packing box, cut open the electrostatic protection bag with scissors, and divide it into the right channel RCA male plug connection line with red tail sleeve and the left channel RCA male plug connection line with black tail sleeve;
2. Remove the plug protection net;
3. Right channel linking method: connect the RCA male plug with the red tail sleeve to the RCA female socket of the output end (right channel, positive, right), the hand has a sense of damping, which means that it is tight, for the same reason, use the red tail sleeve Connect the other end of the male plug to the lotus socket of the input end (right channel, positive, right), insert it smoothly, and the hand feels damped, indicating that it is tight and the connection is successful;
4. Left channel linking method: connect the RCA male plug with black tail sleeve to the lotus female socket (left channel, negative, Left) of the output end, and the hand has a sense of damping, which means that it is tight. For the same reason, use the RCA with black tail sleeve The other end of the male plug is connected to the RCA socket (left channel, negative, Left) of the input end, insert it smoothly, and the hand feels damping, indicating that it is tight and the connection is successful;
5. If you want to unplug the connecting line, press the outside of the female seat with your hand and pull it out smoothly. If you encounter a tight plug, you can rotate it left and right, and then pull it out smoothly. Remember not to pull it out;

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