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Furutech Jumper-Flux Jumper Cables (20 cm x 4 pcs)

Furutech Jumper-Flux Jumper Cables (20 cm x 4 pcs)

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Furutech Jumper-Flux Jumper Cables


FLUX series jumper cables designed match Furutech’s SpeakerFlux speaker cables.

Don’t Constrain Your System at the Speaker Terminals

・Jumperflux-B (spade)
・Jumperflux-S (banana)

Connectors: Jumperflux-S with FP-201R spade terminals and Jumperflux-B with FP-200BR banana connectors


All audiophiles search for the same qualities: Verisimilitude to the original event, a sense of engagement promoting suspension of disbelief, a visceral immersion in the audio video experience. They also know that everything in the signal path makes a difference, and that includes the jumpers used in bi-wired speakers system.

Most jumper cables supplied by speaker manufacturers are adequate for the job, but Furutech has never subscribed to being merely adequate. Furutech Speakerflux Jumper Cables use high-purity large diameter 6mm-squared α (Alpha) conductor for minimal internal impedance.

Choose beautifully engineered FP-201R nonmagnetic pure-copper rhodium-plated spade connectors, or specify FP200BR nonmagnetic eutectic copper alloy rhodium-plated banana connectors. The Jumpers feature an insulation/dielectric of high-grade PE that reduces capacitance and resonance.

The jacketing is RoHS-compliant PVC. As with the Speakerflux, their use results in greater resolution, clarity, more powerful dynamics, and an ultra-quiet soundstage in which music develops more coherently.


  • 7 bundles x 68-strand α (Alpha) OCC conductor 0.127mm, 3.6mm total diameter
  • Insulation: High-grade PE 5.3mm diameter
  • Jacket: RoHS-compliant nylon braid approx. 6.2mm
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