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1. power: 6000W (maximum 17000W)
2. current: 40A (maximum 80 A)
3. voltage: AC220V/50HZ (can be customized AC110V power supply models)
4. the power harmonic broadens the frequency width: 400 times frequency
5. power factor enhancement rate: >10%
6. harmonic modulation range: 0--30MHZ
7. pass frequency surge suppression rate: 10 --- 40%
8. aging efficiency: 5-15%

6. the machine is set up eight outputs: 5 advanced AUSTRALIAN 240V standard socket & two advanced universal socket.
7. Products through the country 
9. configuration: two fever line input. a total of eight output; special mold open with a 0.8MM thick high-elasticity phosphor bronze reed special. 18K gold-plated two million universal socket.

Product Features:
1. improve the use of audio equipment
2. adjust the purification power. extend the life of the appliance
3. battery charging energy booster
4. improve the use of video equipment
5. stable power buffer protector
6. to prevent computer hardware crashes
7. nanosecond power accelerator
8. DC power purifier
9. dynamic environmental protection and energy conservation〉10%
"Black Magic" features: Modulate various kinds of frequency interference in the power recovery, turning waste into valuables and harms. Overall improve the working efficiency and efficiency of various electrical equipment. It is a high-power power decoder; an energy accelerator; an energy frequency expander; an even harmonic proliferation device; an instantaneous voltage (100MS) regulator; and a time-saving energy saver. Especially suitable for audio/video and various digital equipment power supply purification. It should be a veritable digital "purification king."
LY-6KW adopts a black full-aluminum inlay chassis with a digital voltmeter that monitors the grid voltage in real time. OUT1-OUT8, which are configured after the machine, are eight mutually isolated power output sockets, each providing a broadband purifying current of 240V 10A (15A). 

LY-6KW offers several secrets to enthusiasts:
1. Two power input sockets allow you to play single and dual line "tuning."
2. Eight outlets can taste three different flavors.
3. If two-phase power supply is used, this machine has the instantaneous 17KW power supply capability.
4. Delivery of two 2m long Longyu patented HIFI power cords.
LY-6KW is designed for audiophiles and demanding studios with high-end audio and video equipment. Digital workstations. Industrial CNC. Medical equipment. Professional stage audio and other occasions.
For high-end audio, the device can double the effect. The performance of the sound quality is: the spirit is clear, sweet, warm, fast, flat. In many respects, it has already approached or surpassed the domestically-acquired “Sound of Berlin” 948 power processor imported from the market for more than 30,000 yuan.
If you are using all kinds of large screen LCD, front projection, rear projection color TV and digital video, the effect will surprise you.
All kinds of technical safety indicators have passed the national authority 3C certification and obtained certificates.

Application area:
1. Power supply system for various medical diagnostic displays
2. Various stage sounds. Power supply system for light regulators
3. Cable broadcasting. Television. Recording. Filming power supply system
4. Power supply system for industrial automation control instruments
5. Radio stations. Broadcasting by television stations. Recorded power supply system
6. Power supply system for various military and civilian communication radio equipment
7. Power supply system of signal equipment
8. Switching power supply. Variable frequency power supply system
9. Various household appliances power supply system
10. Three-phase four-wire power supply system for large-scale industrial and mining equipment
11. Charging equipment system for various occasions
12. Various large Internet cafes power supply system

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