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A.L.A Audio

SeraphicFlow™ XLR Interconnect Cable by A.L.A Audio

SeraphicFlow™ XLR Interconnect Cable by A.L.A Audio

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Built entirely by hand from ground up, a labour intensive process requiring over 10 hours, this no compromise cable features complex noise cancelling shielding geometry with four individually grounded layers of shielding,  each layer exhibiting a tuned (slightly lower) impedance path to ground and two layers of Graphene, carbon nano composite layers that effectively absorb noise energy. 

Conductors are made of Au (Gold) / Ag (Silver) / Pd (Palladium) Alloy.

A significant design focus was in noise reduction:

1.Through advanced conductor layout geometries that minimise characteristic impedance.

2. By reducing resonant frequencies within audio spectrum to eliminate unwanted coloration or distortion.

By choosing advanced materials and construction techniques that help dampen or absorb vibrations and selecting materials with specific resonant properties as well as employing shielding techniques to reduce the pickup of external vibrations we minimize the impact of resonances, and ensure that the cable exhibits a neutral and accurate response across the entire audio spectrum.

As Carmine always says?! "So how does it sound?!"

"The most noticeable first impression with Implementation of these cables in a reveling system is the sublime tonal character and musicality they extract, in addition to breathtaking clarity and perfect linearity.

Imaging is precise as to be expected, the noise floor was noticeably reduced compared to: (reference control cable #1) during several test tracks their were a number of unexpected moments of complete silence that were nearly always clouded in one way or another."

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