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TINHIFI T5 Earphones 10mm DOC Driver Bass Metal Headset HIFI Monitor IEM Headphone

TINHIFI T5 Earphones 10mm DOC Driver Bass Metal Headset HIFI Monitor IEM Headphone

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TINHIFI T5 Earphones 10mm DOC Driver Bass Metal Headset HIFI Monitor Headphone IEM Earphone 

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The T series IEMs have garnered international praise for their excellent sound quality and affordability. The T5 continues on this legacy to combine the latest driver technology with excellent sound quality. The T5 utilizes the next generation of carbon drivers: DOC. In the recent few years, DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) dynamic drivers have been popular for their fast responsiveness, achieved by their carbon material. From this foundation, Tin Hifi has engineered the next innovation in dynamic driver technology. The new 10mm DOC driver features an enhanced molecular carbon atom structure and composition that more closely mirrors that of diamond. The new structural design allows the DOC diaphragm to be thinner, while being 60% stronger and more rigid than that of traditional DLC diaphragms. Furthermore, due the closer proximity of the carbon atoms to each other, the DOC driver is 5 times harder than that of typical ceramic diaphragms.

Moreover, the physical properties of the DOC diamond diaphragm will not change even after many years of use. This feature has a great effect on the heat dissipation of the voice coil. Additional benefits of the DOC includes:

1. The DOC diamond diaphragm unit can achieve a complete linear frequency response, achieving detailed and excellent broadband and instant response, and strong dynamic contrast.

2. The DOC diamond diaphragm unit can push the split vibration frequency to a higher level, and the T5 can cover an unimaginable bandwidth range to ensure that the ideal frequency response is obtained in the two end frequency bands audible to the human ear.

3. The frequency linearity that the DOC diaphragm provides allows the mid-frequency to be completely coherent with the bass and the treble, creating a transparency in the texture and sound balance, while minimizing phase offsets.

In short, the T5 achieves an immensely punchy bass response that is combined with extremely well-extended and detailed ultra-high frequencies. The textural properties of its sound is characterized by a cohesive smoothness, linearity, and transparency across the frequency spectrum. The DOC driver is an innovation that is just as audible as it is industry-leading.

New Face
The housing of the T5 has been constructed of aviation grade aluminum to achieve an even more refined look, as well as durability. To tune the new DOC driver, the internal cavities of the housing have been carefully designed with several unique acoustic chambers that have been mathematically calculated to achieve the perfect angles of reflection for the sound waves. Additionally, the T5 is the first of its series to utilize machine learning strategies to design the perfect shape to match that of the average human ear. Matching every curvature of the typical human ear, the fit of the T5 is ergonomic and secure, allowing long hours of listening without any discomfort. This new shape design also allows greater sound isolation, allowing you to immerse yourself in the music even when you are commuting or on the stage.

Headphone Cable:

Use of a 99.99% Pure OFE Copper cable that is plated with 200D Kevlar to achieve complete electrical isolation for an extremely fast and clean transmission. This 4-core cable is extremely lightweight, tangle-free, and comfortable allowing you to feel as if it was cable-free.



Driver Unit:10mm DOC Driver
Sensitivity :103dB ±1dB @1kHz 0.126V
Frequency Response:10-20kHz
Rated/Max Power:3/4mW
Max Distortion:1%@1kHz 0.126V
Interface: Gold-plated 2P connector
Plug:3.5mm black glue gold plated plug
Conductor/Cable:2.8mm (40/0.05 oxygen free copper +200D Kevlar)* 4 - core Black PU cable L=1.25m
Housing Color: Titanium empty grey

New DOC DD Driver IEM
The Latest Driver Technology With Excellent Sound Quality
DOC Diaphragm Provides Immensely Punchy Bass Response
More Refined look and Durability
Rich Accessories-Pairs of Eartips
Kevlar Plated Cable Achieve Fast and Clean Transmission

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