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A.L.A Audio

ACsault ™ Reference Mains Cable by A.L.A Audio

ACsault ™ Reference Mains Cable by A.L.A Audio

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Absolute accurately of tonal character was paramount to this build with a zero tolerance for any form of harshness, edginess or fatiguing artefacts that are caused due to grain boundaries that exist within any metal conductor.

Determined in the pursuit for absolute clarity and transparency and with cost no object we teamed with our metallurgist to create a special custom manufactured pure Ag wire using an advanced (LPBF) process to determine the melt pool morphology and solidification behaviour allowing control of the crystallographic orientation of grain growth. Formed in argon with a oxygen content of less than 100 ppm followed by an Electron backscatter diffraction (EBSD) process that pulses 20kva bursts of current through the wire forming optimal low resistance pathways.

100% shielding coverage is achieved; use of aero-space grade material such as Mylar; and 3K carbon offering 'piezoelectric & mechanical damping to manage static absorption of dialectic and resonance vibrations. A PTFE film is then compound pressed over cable  precisely 7mm away from current conductors before a layer of heavy tinned copper mesh & copper foil over 30 individual Drain wires running parallel to an internal shunt are all grounded to a single ultra low impedance ground plain made from .9999 Ag: (option to add (DBS) Dialectic Bias System is available on request) resulting in complete elimination of EMF radiation and a significant reduction in noise from parasitic high frequencies coupling to (L).

Hot-(L) & Return-(N) consist of a combined total of: 10 x 0.8mm round, 4 x 0.52*1.80mm ribbon; 2 X 1.8mm round Ag .99999 conductors as a tuned combination of highly annealed specialty drawn and LPBF formed pure silver wire. (E) is situated dead centre to cable made from 1000*0.09mm LESHO HF litz wires. 

An advanced multiple quad twisted geometry was chosen effective in achieving low inductance between (L) & (N) while retaining a relativity low overall capacitance with a velocity of propagation of around 91% for the 1.8m recommended length.

The decision to use Bocchino Audio power plugs was simple, not only are designed and manufactured by an established Australian company using premium materials such as UHMW/PE (an Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene with a greater than 7 000 000 atomic mass) and large surface area 10 micron Platinum plated  C10100 Copper terminals;  they are also the world's best available plugs on the market today. 

Breif summary of listening notes taken when swapping test cable (#3 of 10) and (#5 of 10) in test system (#4 of 10) neutral in presentation compared to #3 and #4 with their signature colouring. Cleaner, very tidy with exceptional clarity and transparency that remained light soft and delicate with an accurate linear frequency rise, the overall image having added and clearer complex layers that project deeper, larger and wider. Un-like #4 the Instrument and performer remained close enough to form an intimate connection during vocal recording. Un-like #3 you are not drawn in too close during large orchestral pieces clouding overall picture". Bass is tighter with less bloom than #3 Packing much more punch and slam than #4 and delicate soft highs where #4 become edgy and #3 rolled off early. 


AUS/NZ/P.R.C. - 240v Mains plug as Standard 

Optional on request




Please specify IEC-A15 or IEC-A20

Rated to 40A 

* Note:

The Bocctech Mains plug supplied as standard is not officially approved for use in Australia. An Australian approved Furutech Fi-50 NCF version is available on request (if desired)

 # ACsault .. Battery level Performance!

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