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CLEAR™ Pure-Silver USB Cable by A.L.A

CLEAR™ Pure-Silver USB Cable by A.L.A

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USB 2.0 specifications conductors are 28 guage 6N OCC pure- silver. Twisted pair data line pair in each cable is tested using our in house advanced diagnostic equipment to meet +/-90 ohm impedance requirement thus ensuring absence of signal reflections for optimal signal integrity.  Power 5v +/- are compleatly seperated from data and shielded to avoid parasitic capacitance induced interference. A fully shielded version is also available on request, best for environments with sensitive equipment. 


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Customer Reviews

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This cable was my second solid silver cable I purchased from Aaron. Upfront, I have to say I was initially sceptical and imminently astonished that a USB cable could make such a significant difference. I am a computer consultant and it makes no sense to me at all. How could a glorified printer cable make a difference to the one's and zero's of the data stream. I took Aaron on his word that it would be a good upgrade and so I laid down my cash and I haven't looked back since. I was using a iFi Zen Dac 2 connected to my MacBook Pro with Roon at the time of the solid silver USB cable arriving. The moment I switched out the standard iFi USB cable and plugged in the silver cable I was immediately stunned at the difference when listening to the setup with my Hifiman Arya's (V1 with solid silver headphone cable).

I found the Zen DAC v2 somewhat fatiguing after short sessions and somehow, this cable made it sound sweeter and fuller and just more enjoyable. The amp is the Emotiva BassX A100. The cable was worth more that the DAC but it is worth every penny. Looks cool too! Looking back, sonically I struggled to clearly define what actually improved with this cable...but improve the audio it did in spades. Yes, there was more details, more instrument separation, etc....The saying..'A rising tide lifts all boats' is my best description. Everything about the music sounded better. And easily discernable too. I can recommend this cable. Whilst a $200 DAC has it's limitations, this solid silver cable allowed the DAC to live up to it's potential and more!