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EL84 Tube Headphone Amplifier with Triple C-Core Technology by ANK

EL84 Tube Headphone Amplifier with Triple C-Core Technology by ANK

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Experience audio excellence with the ANK All Tube Headphone Amplifier, a masterpiece by ANK AudioKits. This exceptional amplifier combines EL84 and C-core technology to deliver a powerful 11W Class A performance, ensuring a captivating audio experience that effortlessly drives even the toughest headphones.

Triple C-Core Technology: The amplifier's design is rooted in the success of our popular L1 EL84v2 model, featuring 4 x EL84 tubes and a pair of ECF80 drivers. The Triple C-Core transformers, a hallmark of ANK innovation, drive the dual headphone jacks conveniently located at the front of the unit.

Power Supply PCB: Delve into the robust Power Supply starting with a substantial Mains transformer, typically reserved for power amplifiers. The addition of our CH-40W choke ensures optimal performance. The dual 5AR4 tube rectified Power Supply PCB, coupled with dual 30uf Mundorf film capacitors, delivers the necessary HT voltage for the EL84 circuitry. The DC-heated filaments of the EL84 contribute to ultra-quiet operation.

Main EL84 PCB: Derived from our popular L1 EL84v2 amplifier, the Main EL84 PCB undergoes modifications to achieve pure CLASS A and DC-heated filaments. The interface to the custom headphone C-core output transformers adds a unique touch to this exceptional amplifier.


  • 4 x EL84 Tubes
  • CLASS A 11W per channel
  • 50-ohm impedance output transformers
  • ECF80 driver tubes
  • 2 x 5AR4 Tubes for Power Supply Rectification
  • Resistors: TAKMAN non-magnetic
  • Film capacitors: Mundorf SILVER GOLD OIL

Immerse yourself in audio perfection with the ANK All Tube Headphone Amplifier, where cutting-edge technology meets timeless design.

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Triple C-core Technology


Power Supply PCB

Let take a look at the Power Supply – We start with a large Mains transformer more commonly found in power amplifiers – Then we use our CH-40W ( choke) that we use for Tube rectified circuits as found in our EL34 monos –

The Power Supply PCB is our dual 5ar4 tube rectified with dual 30uf Mundorf film capacitors .This provides the HT voltage required for the EL84 circuitry – the Filaments for the EL84 are all DC in order to ensure ultra quiet operation


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