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LADDER Schumann R2R DAC 

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Ladder Audio have been making waves in the world of high-end audio with their  Ladder Schumann. While the brand may still not be well known, those who have listened to this unit will quickly realise that it shares many  similarities with two other leading DACs. 
One of the reasons that this product is so special is that it is OEM'd by a factory owned by a gentleman named Mr. Zhao who's team also designs and produces under contract two other highly regarded audio brands Denafrips and Musician. Many audiophiles have been comparing the Ladder Schumann's performance to competing brands offerings they are twice the price! 
 Mr. Zhao knows that it's only a matter of time before word gets out about the Ladder Schumann's exceptional value and performance. While the brand may not be as well-known as others, the Ladder Schumann's reputation is growing, Mr. Zhao knows that the core of the product is superior as their latest offering with additional features and advantages that will  see ladder naturally price itself within the market with no need for added marketing hype.
If you're looking to upgrade your audio experience, the Ladder Schumann is a hidden gem that is rapidly gaining recognition.
Be sure to get your hands on one of these rare audio treasures soon, before the word gets out and the price goes up.
Visit our showroom today for a demonstration! 

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