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MOONDROP Variations IEM In-Ear Monitor Earphones

MOONDROP Variations IEM In-Ear Monitor Earphones

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 MOONDROP Variations 
Tribrid Technology In-Ear Monitor 

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"Note: These are amazingly comfortable."  


Frequency response range: 9-40kHz 

Effective frequency response: 20-20kHz -3dB

Sensitivity: 116dB/Vrms @1kH

Impedance: 15.2Ω @1kHz ± 15

THD: <1% @1kH

Transducer: 1DD+2BA+2ES

Midrange: Softears-D-Mid-B (Customized mid-frequency composite balanced armature driver.

Bass: 10mm liquid crystal diaphragm composite copper inner-cavity dynamic drive

Treble: SONION high-power electrostatic drive

Cavity Material:  Stainless steel + medical-grade resin 

Package includes:

  • Moondrop Variations

  • Detachable cable

  • 3 terminations(2.5mm/3.5mm/4.4mm)

  • 12 x ear tips

  • Tweezers/Filters

  • Leather case

  • Display box

  • Manual

  • Warranty card

 # Moondrop IEM Australia 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Kai Chang

Very good service, fairly quick shipping and the package came in very good condition.

Alessandro Tommei

The Variations is easily one of the best IEMs out there today. Excellent treble and sub-bass extension. The mids are also very satisfying and clear. Some may be deterred by the mid-bass scoop that is well documented for this IEM. I find it does not bug me as it allows mids to gain that extra clarity while still being well and truly audible. I guess it is ensuring there is no mid-bass bloat taken to the extreme. This is my endgame IEM and likely will be for a long time.

Cristan Connolly

Great IEM think it might be my endgame. Price was great and the delivery was super fast.

Marcus Juan

Although quite a price hike over the previous tier (think USD200-300 models like blessing 2 and KATO), the improvement is not one that will make you go "wow, this completely obliterates those", however, it is the perfection that you get from this price premium that makes Variations worth every dollar. Perfection that you can't get by EQ-ing lower end models. If you've been EQ-ing, the Variations will make you realise you've been coping.
Sure you can EQ lower end IEMs to get a *close* match to variations, but it's not perfect, especially EQ-ing treble is difficult. Treble is where Variations shine, it's incredibly smooth and extends better past 8kHz than any single DD ever will, and even an improvement over the USD300 blessing 2, which has a similar treble extension to single DD IEMS.
Variations can do treble way better because of dedicated drivers for specific frequencies, you have EST tweeters for treble and BAs for mid and DD for bass, which allows for a FAR CLEANER frequency response tuning.
Bottom line is, buy this for the treble, it's just so clean and just so perfect. I personally believe bass is easily EQ'd in most IEMs (it's less peaky than treble). If you had trouble with previous IEMs because of bass response, just go to a graph tool and EQ to Variations, but minus the treble EQ. BUT if you had trouble with treble response in previous IEMs, buy the Variations. Much harder to fix treble with EQ than bass. Better to drop the cash and get a perfect treble.
Last note, accessories are sub par. Cable feels thin and cheap. Even the stock KATO cables are FAR better quality. There is also no chin-cinch. Ear tips are also kinda meh, but to each their own for this one. If accessories are important to you, it will certainly bump up the cost of this IEM, so don't take the price at face value.
Waiting for my Motu M2 to complete my AUD1000 endgame setup. It is incredible.