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A.L.A Audio

PrecisionLink USB Cable by A.L.A Audio

PrecisionLink USB Cable by A.L.A Audio

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A.L.A Audio PrecisionLink USB Cable. 

Key Features:

- 90-Ohm Impedance Calibration: Achieve perfect signal integrity with a meticulously maintained 90-ohm impedance, which is critical for maintaining signal accuracy and reducing jitter. This precision calibration is rarely found in other USB cables.


- Enhanced Audio Performance:

You will immediately hear the improvement this calibration makes, with focused, clear, and defined imaging. Experience a perfect center image, with vocals that are highly accurate and tonally true without any blur or veil.


- Noise Reduction:

The design of this cable minimizes background noise, four layers of shielding including individually seperated signal and power lines each with internal noise shunt. Further  layers of Milar film, copper braid and airspace grade carbon composite braid ensure a reduced noise floor. This results in an expanded soundstage and enhanced dynamics, allowing you to fully appreciate the subtle details in your music.

- High-Quality Conductors:

The signal conductors are made from solid core 26 AWG 80 micron silver over copper, in a Teflon dielectric. These conductors are individually shielded, ensuring exceptional signal integrity. The power and signal ground conductors are made from pure silver 20 AWG in Teflon air tubes further enhancing the cable’s performance.


- High-Quality Connectors:

The precision-engineered connectors provide a secure and stable connection, minimizing signal loss and interference. This ensures a pristine audio transfer, delivering every nuance and detail with stunning clarity.


- Durable and Flexible Design:

Encased in a sleek, light blue braided exterior, the ALA Audio PrecisionLink USB Cable is both elegant and robust. It offers exceptional durability and flexibility, making it ideal for any high-end audio setup.


The ALA Audio PrecisionLink USB Cable is perfect for connecting high-end DACs, amplifiers, and other audio equipment. It is crafted to meet the exacting standards of true audio enthusiasts, ensuring you experience the highest level of sound quality and reliability.



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